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Awe-inspiring Nepal is nestled between India (North) and Tibet (South). The best area to fly is the Pokhara Valley, in the Annapurna Region.

Pokhara, the 2nd largest city, sits beside its beautiful lake and stares at the towering mountains above, of which 3 peaks reach over 8000m. The weather conditions are perfect for flying, consistent and gentle. The view is awesome, few meters above the take-off you can see the Annapurnas, Machapuchare, Daulaghiri, Manaslu and many others smaller pics! Perfect weather conditions for beginners to accro pilot. Here we fly almost every day, except during the mooson season (July to august).

Best time to fly in Nepal

The paragliding season in Nepal starts in September and ends in early June.
But it is good all year still in July or August we get only 3-4 days non flyingable.

The best time to visit is mid Sept till April. The weather is consistent and therefore great for paragliding. July to September we fly almost every day ...

We are open all year around

For more information about paragliding opportunities or general travel in Nepal, drop us a line at :

Ensure you are fully insured for paragliding and are covered for medical emergencies including repatriation.


You can get your visa from any Nepalese embassy.
However the easiest way is to get your visa either at your arrival at Kathmandu airport or at the Nepal border (if you are coming from india by bus).(Check visa prices with embassy) 2 ID photos and 15 day 30 $, 30 days 60 $, 100+ $ cash are required for a 3 months visa.

You can extend your visa either in Kathmandu or Pokhara. You will have to pay the equivalent of 30 US $, in nepalese rupees and will need one ID photo. Each year, you can stay a maximum of 5 months in Nepal.

Swiss consulate
Bleicherweg 33 
Post Box 8027 Zurich 
Tel : 0041-1-2014515
Fax: 0041-1-2014435  

France consulat
Bis Allée des soupirs, Boite postale
31005 Toulouse Cedex 6
Tel 335 6132 9122 Fax 331 4737 0174

Belgium consulat

B-2018 Antwerpen
Tel : 0032(03)2308800

Canada consulat
Box 33, 200 bay Street, 32nd Floor, Toronto
Ontario, Canada

Immunisations and first aid kit

No immunizations are required but the following are recommended:

Confirm primary courses and boosters are up to date.
Courses or boosters usually advised: hepatitis A; typhoid; diphtheria; tetanus; poliomyelitis.
Other vaccines to consider: hepatitis B; rabies; Japanese encephalitis (for eastern and low lying areas); cholera.
Pokhara is not in a malaria area.

Don't drink the water from the tap, don't clean your teeth in it. -Use bottled, boiled or purified water.

More info on travel health in Nepal.

First aid kit:
Here are the main things which can be useful
Iodine tablets, tincture or crystals for water purification, analgesics, antidiarrhoeal, intestinal disinfectants, antibiotics, antiseptic, eye drops, bandages, coetaneous antiseptics, waterproof tape, adhesive pads, cotton swabs, skin applications (burn, sunburn, bites or stings)...


With a credit card (visa card or master card) you can get Nepalese Rupees from ATM's in Katmandu or Pokhara.
You can easely change euros and US dollars, either cash or traveler checks in any bank or money changer offices (Grindlays Bank takes 1% commission).

Exchange in August 2016 approx

1 US Dollar = 106 Nepalese Rupees
1 euro = 118 Nepalese Rupees
1 pound = 140 Nepalese Rupees


Main equipment
- hiking shoes
- long trousers
- gloves
- sunglasses
- few T-shirts
- sweater
- a fleece jacket or a wind stoper jacket
- swimming costume (the Pewa lake in Pokhara is warm and clear and you'll enjoy a dip between flights!)

For expeditions and cross country courses
- a sleeping bag
- a frontal lamp or an electric torch
- a down jacket

All the above items can be purchased in Pokhara or Kathmandu at a good price. Most of the equipment you will find will be fake but the quality will be still good enough.

Paragliding in Pokhara

Information for Visiting Pilots

Please read & observe the following information. Your co-operation will help ensure the future of Paragliding in this beautiful valley.

Welcome to Paragliding in Pokhara

From1998 , Sarangkot has become the premium site for paragliding in Nepal. This is due to the excellent conditions, long season & hard work of maintaining 2 take-off sites & a good working relationship with the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal !!!(CAAN).

See rule and regulation

Site Description

Sarangkot(1592m),located 2.4km due north of Lakeside, Pokhara (793m).20 min jeep ride from lakeside will see you at the 2 purpose built take-offs. The official radio frequency is 146.62 MHz & 145.05 MHz.

Nearest Hospital: Manipal Teaching Hospital.

  • Airspace

Sarangkot is situated within Controlled Airspace. It is very important to respect the Airspace Restrictions to preserve the future of this site. The simple rules are:-

  • Don’t cross the Lake, the midpoint is the limit.
    Don’t over fly the town or Lakeside.
    Please see the Map.

Operational Hours

Sarangkot is situated on the main flight path of Pokhara-Jomsom route. Due to strong winds in the mountains this route normally stops by 10:00a.m Paragliders are not allowed to fly before this time


The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) since 2009 requires all pilots who fly in Pokhara to obtain a permit first. These can be purchased directly from NAA
Pokhara Airport Manager’s office. Pilots will need a copy of their license & proof of insurance, passport copy, visa copy 2 photos. The Permit costs $50 + 13% VAT for 15 days & and $90+13% VAT for 30 days.

You will need a copy of all the above documents plus 2 photographs and to show your flying permit for your Nepal Airsports Association Membership - 16$


  • Pilots must have Flying Licence, Insurance & minimum APPI Solo Pilot certification Para pro III Level.
    Tandem licence valide for Nepal and third partie liability for passager.

  • Organization/Group needs authorization from NAA and CAAN and operate in supervision of one paragliding company

  • Course not allowed in any sites. Government rule

  • Commercial Tandem not allowed without AOC (air operation certificate ) gouvernement rule

  • The Pilot is responsible for any accident.


In absence of licence, Pilot can purchase licence through following companies:

  • Blue sky Paragliding

Pilots Tandem, require Tandem licence, Insurance & Third party Assurance.


There are 3 private take-off currently in use. Please use all the Take-off to prevent congestion.

There are paragliding jeeps that go up to Sarangkot 3 times a day. A ride cost Rs 200 & taxi will also go for Rs 600.

Weather conditions in Nepal Good

  Max temp Min temp flying conditions
september     80% good days
October 27c 16c very good 
November 23c 12c very good
December 20c 8c very good
January 20c 5c very good
February 23c 8c very very good 
March 29c 15c strong 
April 32c 16c very strong
Mai 34c 20 good
June     80 % good days
July     70 % good days
August     50 % good days         Blue Sky Paragliding, company n°54889        Copyright 2002 - 2012