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Many good news

But To Busy and never good connection in Nepal to upload the website

Not much news because we are better in fly.


Flying Sadhu


Sanu Babu


over the Everest

with Lapka Sherpa







Blue sky Team improve and travel
After 10 year of work
The Target to have the blue sky team
with local pilot in international standard is done .

Than you very very much
for all the true and believer
suport we get .




Blue Sky Become APPI Center




Babu Cross all Nepal In tandem

Here the departure point
with Patrick Toubet
and David Arrufat

Was folowing by Brad Sander


Mars 2009
Pokara to Katmandou Cross Country
without one simgle steep walking

David tandem with Narayang
Babou Tandem with Schreei
Patrick Solo

3 days fly to join Katmandou valley

On incredible fly 2 landing in the moutain village to sleep.
All by fly
The paratrecking perfect

See Picture



paragliding Katmandou

April 2009

Fly in Rolpa district

Full of potential ,
and xc to Pohara easy

nepal from the sky

Mai 2009

1 week incredible condition coud level from Pokara 3800-4800 M

Special cross country tandem
top quality

annapurna paragliding

December 2009

Last flight of Herve Cerutti was 6500 M
stoping because of cold .

But sure is the place to fly hight

Fly in Mustang Border
The sensation

mustang paragliding  Blue Sky Paragliding, company n°54889  Copyright 2068