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I apologise for this situation . But what to do !!

To fly In Pokhara , Bandipur and Sirkot Actually these are the only official area for Flying
You will need a Permit from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN)

In Pokhara Zone the local Association will ask you for a membership fee for the Nepal Airsports Association (NAA) they will also ask to see your civil aviation permit.


We will take care of your permits directly in our office
Just come with these document :

Prepare :

4 ID pictures
2 Copies of Passeport
2 Copies of your last visa
2 Copies of your licence and insurance .

CAAN Fee: The Permit costs $50 + 13% VAT for 15 days & and $90+13% VAT for 30 days.

NAA Fee: 16US








Terms and Condition Of CAAN

In co-ordination with Authorized Paragliding Companies

(Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal)

  1. Every Paragliding must obtain Paragliding Permission and pay flight permission charges.

  2. Paragliding holding valid paragliding licence and having insurance coverage only are eligible for flight permission.

  3. Paragliding activities shall strictly remain within the airspace of sarangkot, dhikidanda and Toripani only, avoiding the aerodrome traffic circuit and shall remain at or below 6000 feet AMSL within a radius of 1 km from the centre of take off point or as instructed by Pokhara Civil Aviation Office.

  4. Paragliding activities shall not be initiated before 10 AM.

  5. Paragliding must be familiar with the local procedures and strictly adhere to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) Rules and Regulations.

  6. Paragliding Companies shall also strictly adhere to other Terms and Conditions and specific Operating Provisions as stipulated in their AOC.

  7. Paragliding should be operated in coo

  8. No training flight is permitted except conducting in conformity with the requirements set in approved Operation Manual or Training Manual.

  1. Terms and condition Private Take off

    To use private take off

    • Pilots must have Flying Licence, Insurance & minimum APPI Solo Pilot certification Para pro III Level.
      Tandem licence valide for Nepal and third party liability for passager.

    • Organization/Group needs authorization from CAAN and operate in supervision of one paragliding company

    • Course not allowed in any sites. Government rule

    • Commercial Tandem not allowed without AOC (air operation certificate ) government rule

    • Pilots is responsible of any accident and event .

    • Rule and regulation from NAA
    • ( pay your NAA card if you are in Pokhara )


In 2015 we have now 5 legals place to fly in Nepal

Pokhara with soon more then 20 -25 Tandem company using it
Bandipur under the AOC of Blue Sky
Sirkot under the AOC of Babu Adventure
And one in Katmandou 1 day open 1 day closed and one in West Nepal

From 1998 When I started paragliding in Nepal there was no rule and regulation
About Airsport
Then not big change until 16 Year later
Paragliding is considered as Money Income more than sport
And the statut of paragliding is under commercial aviation
Then civil aviation ask permit for fly
and company have to register under heavy Aviation rule

The general attitude in Nepal to stop any new improvment
and create difficulty that gives opportunities to take money .
The Base of corrupt system

A lot will change with the new generation of Pilot and the level of education Higher

The challenge to open paragliding company in Nepal
is to go true AOC Air operation certificat
usually AOC is for international commercial Aviation under ICAO rule .

There are now many paragliding companies in Pokhara , it is difficult to know who is who
even for me

I start some process to help the Nepal air association The first we open was the NPA
then NAA
Pay Lower to help the development of Air sport create Air sport box inside the CTR of Pokhara
and pass all thre VFR sky of Nepal in Air sport Zone.
Wihtout success and many trouble .

And airsport box is now the only place we can fly !!!!
( inside the Airport Control Zone of the Airport of Pokhara )
The more dangerous Zone in terme of Aviation !!!!

Here is the term of condition of civil Aviation of Nepal in 2015 !!!







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