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Tandem flights
Pokhara Nepal

Every day

Join us in Pokara for exceptional flights  over the himalayan mountains.

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Pokhara paragliding

Pilot certified APPI



Classic flight form Pokhara

Discovery tandem flight - 25-30 mn.
Cross Country tandem flight - +1 hour
-Yeti Fly, fly with the yeti on persone

Other Special offer flight only at Blue Sky

Try our special Blue Sky only Program
on request with the pilot
Only from October to April

Expedition tandem flight - Several hours.

Tandem flight paratreck
2 days fly and landing in the moutain sleep in remote village and fly back .

Tandem flight personal trip
Ultimate adventure like Pokara to Katamndou...
see with our pilot .

Tandem flight cross country and landing to the departure of the rafting trip- several hours,
all afternoon sport.


Discovery tandem flight

From Sarangkot (1500m) to Pokhara (800m), a first flight experience. Feel the sensation of flying in thermal conditions, (rising more than 500 m from the take-off point), from there we fly cross-country with the birds, over the local countryside you will see the rice fields, traditional villages and the people working in the fields, before we fly over the lake, offering the chance to do a little acrobatic flying (if you want to!), before landing beside the lakesid.

First time? No worries, experience is not required! Tandem flying is when a certified pilot flies with a passenger. Both pilot and passenger sit in harnesses that are attached to each other and the wing. A paragliding harness is designed for safety and comfort, and is like sitting in a comfy chair. After an easy take-off, the passenger sits back and relaxes...enjoying the epic scenery and breathing the mountain air. 

Bring with you strong shoes, and a windproof jacket.  A calm scenic float, or an acrobatic tumbling routine, your choice...just tell the pilot your preference.
Flights last from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on weather conditions, and you !


Cross country tandem flight

Cross-country flight is for those people who want to experience more about paragliding - to fly into unchartered territory, with only the birds and the wind for company.
Cross country flight is recommended for people who have already flown a tandem flight!

We take off from  Sarangkot (1500m) and dependant upon the weather conditions we can cross the lake, or many of the other unspoiled valleys in the area, following the Seti, or perhaps the Mardi River, reaching altitudes of between 2500m and 3400m before returning to Pokhara by air, or perhaps by bus or taxi!!

One of the best experiences of the Himalayas - everyone should try it once in their lives!!!


Expedition paratreck tandem flight

Nearly an expedition!!! We leave early in the morning by bus or taxi, between 1 and 3 hours of  Pokhara to fly over the real Nepal, and try to come back to Pokara by flight.
Or we go from Pokara by fly to sleep in the moutain and come back the next days by fly .

Accro Tandem

If you want to enjoy the latest accro figures this is the one for you! Adrenaline and fun!  Blue Sky Paragliding, company n°54889  Copyright 2068